Food Festival Kolkata Bhoj Utsav, Fruit Waffle, Pork Barbecue, Chicken Drumstick, Nitrogen Ice Cream, and more Indian Street Food.
I went in Food Festival Kolkata Bhoj Utsav in Maddox Square Park. Find more delicious food on my youtube channel.

I took some delicious food like Fruity bliss Waffle, Pork Bar-B-Q with Bun, Coleslaw & smashed potato, Chicken Cheese and Onion  Sausage, Chicken Drumstick, Egg Chicken Roll, Nitrogen Ice Cream.

I am uploading some food images bellow. You can check more details and many more foods on my youtube video.

Meet on wheel, Haringhata Meat

The Waffle shop

Food from bang bang cafe and lounge kolkata

Food from bang bang cafe and lounge kolkata

Chicken and cheese sasuage

chocolate and toffee shop

Chicken and Pork Bar-B-Q

Chicken Drumstick

Some tasty nachos from bang bang cafe and lounge

Nitrogen Ice Cream

Food from bang bang cafe and lounge kolkata

Pork Barbecue with Bun, Coleslaw & smashed potato

Pork Bar-B-Q

Egg Chicken Roll

Fruity bliss Waffle 

Food Feast address: Maddox Square, Ballygunge , Kolkata.

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