Village Food Feast, Whole Chicken Roast.

YouTube Link: Village Food Feast, Whole Chicken Roast

This video is all about Chicken roast / Chicken tandoori, in a village. The Chicken marinated with some spices and oil and then burn into open fire.
The taste was amazing.
I am uploading multiple images of chicken bellow.

Chicken marinade processing with Ginger and Garlic paste, Turmeric powder, Chilli powder, Black Pepper and Salt.

Then preparing firewood for roasting the Chicken.

After that the chicken is ready for to place over fire.

Chicken Roast process is running. 

Now the chicken is roasted, almost ready to eat.

Yes, The Whole Chicken Roast is no ready to eat. Let's eat.

You can check Whole Chicken Roast process on youtube also, check the link bellow:

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