Food Feast Kolkata, Chicken Cheese Wrap, kebab, Fish kabiraji, and more Indian Street Food.

I went in Food Festival in Santosh Mitra Square. The name of the feast was khadya mela, chete pute.
I took some delicious food like Chicken Cheese Wrap,Chicken kebab, Fish kabiraji, paneer kebab, Hot milk cake, and Rose kalandkad.

I am uploading more images of the 'khadya mela', 'chete pute' feastival bellow.

Khadya Mela, Chete Pute (Food Feast) address: Santosh Mitra Square (Lebutala Park), sealdah, Kolkata.

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YouTube Link: Village Food Feast, Whole Chicken Roast

This video is all about Chicken roast / Chicken tandoori, in a village. The Chicken marinated with some spices and oil and then burn into open fire.
The taste was amazing.
I am uploading multiple images of chicken bellow.

Chicken marinade processing with Ginger and Garlic paste, Turmeric powder, Chilli powder, Black Pepper and Salt.

Then preparing firewood for roasting the Chicken.

After that the chicken is ready for to place over fire.

Chicken Roast process is running. 

Now the chicken is roasted, almost ready to eat.

Yes, The Whole Chicken Roast is no ready to eat. Let's eat.

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Kolkata, a city of joy but you can say it's a city of food also.You can find here varieties of street foods came from across the world.
I went inside Elements, a restaurant inside eco park.
Inside eco park this place is of course 5 star rated.  Beautiful quiet place, and outdoor seating with open seating area inside garden. So simple single page menu. I tasted multiple foods but the best was crunchy fried bhetki. It was the best & tasty value for money food I ever eat. Other food was good also.

This is the food menu list of the restaurant Elements, Eco Park, Kolkata

There I placed order for a plate of biriyani. 

Crunchy Fried Bhetki

And Lachha Paratha

With Chicken Lababdar also.

All food was awesome, I spent few hours 'n Eco Park, tasted all of these food. Check my whole food story on youtube.

This is the image of all of these food, Kolkata style Chicken Biriyani, Chicken Lababdar,  Lachha Paratha and Crunchy Fried Bhetki all together. 

Created by satya for travel'n'foodie.