The Japanese Restaurant & Garden

The Japanese Garden & Restaurant located inside Eco Tourism Park, Rajarhat, New Town, Kolkata. · Its a Casual Dining Restaurant.

The Japanese Restaurant & Garden Rajarhat New Town

Check my full story on youtube. I uploaded all details of The Japanese Restaurant & Garden.

There are second entry fees for this garden. Ticket cost is INR 30 (as on December 2017).

The park have multiple theme based different zone like Eco island, Open field, Amphitheatre, Children's garden, Formal garden, Cactus walk, Bonsai garden, Butterfly garden, Heliconia garden, Mist house, Bamboo garden, Chinese Garden and this one, The Japanese Garden.

Inside the Japanese garden, there are multiple things like these bellow.

And the special things is there are also a Japanese Restaurant in this garden. It's a casual dining restaurant. The restaurant have delicious food selections with indoor and outdoor sitting area.

I am including all food menu list of  The Japanese Restaurant also.

I have tested some delicious Japanese food also. The food were amazing. I am including those images also.
At first, I placed order for fish & chicken teriyaki maki sushi. The sushi had some fishy flavour, served with some kind of mixed soy sauce.

After that I placed order for some snakes, Japanese snakes chicken tempura. Slice chicken fried with a lite batter. It was little crispy and a little soft. The chicken tempura made without salt and served with some kind of mixed soy sauce which was perfect salty flavoured.

After tested some chicken tempura, I placed order for a drinks, fresh lime soda. I selected salt only flavour.

After complete the teriyaki maki sushi, chicken tempura and lime soda, then I placed order for mixed yaki soba noodles and non veg hot n' sour soup. Yaki soba noodles was thick and different. Taste was also different that Chinese-Indian noodles.

After taken all of these food, I felt really satisfied. They provided some refreshment sweet spice mixed in a Japanese pot with food bill. The experience was really good.


  1. Looks so yummy! I love sushi!By the way, I stopped by here from best japanese restaurant in rochester mn - Fuji Sushi. So thank you for sharing.


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